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Respected sir i had one question related to economic geology .Sir i am confused to differentiate between pegmatites deposits and skarn deposits. Sir i am doing research in on area of Pakistan where a number of gemstones are mined like aqumarine, topaz, adularia ,flourite, apatite etc which are associated with calc-silicate rocks so sir i need your suggestion whether these deposits are skarn or pegmatites ?Please send me answer soon.

Pegmatites are formed at the late stages of magmatic differentiation where the concentration of F, P, H2O, and B increases. As a result of the increasing concentration of these elements melt eutectic decreases. But skarns are not directly formed as a result of crystalization of melt and are a result of exchange of elements with fluids and gases emanating from the intrusion.
I suggest you reading the following article:

Černư, P., Blevin, P.L., Cuney, M. & London, D. (2005) Granite-Related Ore Deposits, Economic Geology; Society of Economic Geologists, 100th anniversary; p. 337-370.

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