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Sir How measure The Bearing Strength Of Home-Foundation ? How we Measure It ?


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Bearing Capacity or strength is the ability of a soil to support a load from foundation without causing a shear failure or excessive settlement.Bearing capacity is the power of foundation soil to hold the forces from the superstructure without undergoing shear failure or excessive settlement.Foundation soil is that portion of ground which is subjected to additional stresses when foundation and superstructure are constructed on the ground. Foundation is that part of the structure which is in direct contact with soil.Foundation transfers the forces and moments from the super structure to the soil below such that the stresses in soil are within permissible limits and it provides stability against sliding and overturning to the super structure. It is a transition between the super structure and foundation soil. The job of a geotechnical engineer is to ensure that both foundation and soil below are safe against failure and do not experience excessive settlement.

Plate load test is a field test which is commonly adopted to determine the bearing capacity and settlement of soil under a given condition of loading.

In this test a square or circular rigid plate of standard dimension (generally 300 mm2 for square or 300 mm dia for circular) is placed at foundation level and load is applied in increments. Then settlement of the plate corresponding to each load increment is recorded for calculating bearing capacity of soil.

As per ISRM standards we can measure/perform this test. The details you can find in any Civil engineering text book or any geotechnical consultant/Civil engineer would help you regarding the performance of this test.

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