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Asalaam o Aalikum,
Dear Sir,
I am interested in determination of permeability using wireline logs. Sir, how we can find irreducible  water saturation from wireline logs. In all empirical relations, (Whyllie and Rose, Timur, Coates)Swirr is involved.
Another thing to ask is, In article, "Porosity-preserving chlorite cements in shallow-marine volcaniclastic sandstones: Evidence from Cretaceous sandstones of the Sawan gas field, Pakistan", Helium porosity and Core porosity is given which have significant difference from each other. Why there is  difference between PHI-Helium and PHI-Core for same core sample? (I have determined PHI_ND which was matching good with PHI-Helium).
Thanks a lot for your time Sir.

Hi Atif,

For irreducible water saturation you should ideally have a core but if you don't have core Swirr then you can calculate it by, SWirr = 1(((C**2)*(PERM**1/2))/((100*PHIE)**2))+1. Usually you include a core to well log calibration step to derive your Coates coefficent (C). Common numbers for this coefficient are 8-11 depending on your porosity to permeability transform.

How is PHI-core calculated? I have not seen the article you mentioned but we can dig into why they are different from each other. You need to provide how much the calculations were performed. You may find this link helpful.




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