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Mystery  tube
Mystery tube  

Metal tube 2
Metal tube 2  
Since my childhood (more than 60 years ago) I have kept in a box of treasures a piece of what appears to be metal.  I have never been able to guess what this particular treasure is.  I should be most grateful if you could enlighten me.
As can probably be judged by the accompanying coin, it has a tubular length of approximately 45 mm and a diameter of approximately 13 mm.  The end displays what looks like an explosion or ‘starburst’ with a whitish centre but gold flecks at the edges.

Thank you in advance for any explanation offered.

Clive Smith

Is there a foundry of metal works in vicinity of from where you have collected the specimen?
what is the density of the specimen, you can get the density measured in some lab in a college.
I think, get chemical analysis done of a few mg weight of filed powder of this specimen.
pl. also attach a close up view of the edges along with density. Possibly this may help in identification


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