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If coal is mined, can the methane gas be collected and sold separate from the coal?

The production and sale of coal-bed methane became a reality about 10 -12 years ago; although, coal-bed methane has been removed, by the coal mining companies, from coal beds for many many years before that to reduce the problems associated with methane in coal mining.  This methane was not sold just burnt at the well site.  Beginning about 10 - 12 years ago, when the price of methane rose above $10/MCF, companies started looking into producing and selling the methane. The cost of producing coal-bed methane was, during that time, about $6/MCF so when natural gas dropped below $4 it was no longer economic.  During that time; however, there were many coal-bed methane projects in the US: Colorado, Montana, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania (there are few places in Kentucky in which the coal is deep enough).  In many cases the methane was removed to reduce problems in mining the coal; particularly in areas where the coal was significantly below drainage (because the methane was much more of a problem since it could not escape the coal bed).

The new technology (horizontal drilling) was an off-shoot of the coal-bed methane production since the coal-bed methane wells were drilled to the coal bed and then taken horizontal with spurs of of the main drill steel called Christmas treeing.  


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