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Geology/found this diffrent looking boulder n spring break


upclose pic
upclose pic  
QUESTION: Hi im 7. And I found this boulder that lioks diffrent from all the other large rocks around it. Can you tell me what it is?

Hope I could have answered your question.

For answering your question, I need following information :
(1) what type of terrain the boulder is lying, is it rocky area, is it close to a river etc.
(2) Is any construction going in vicinity
(3) Is there a possibility that someone has left it at this place etc.

I wish to see it, touch it, smell it and lift it to have a feeling of what it could be.

remember any boulder comes from nearby rocks, quarries that supply them for construction work or could be carried by a stream.

now, from the pics, to me, it appears to be a boulder of limestone or a fine grained basic rock or may be a piece of concrete caste hence for identification it needs a close look.

My suggestion would be - pl. show it to some geologist who is locally available, may be in some college or Geology Department.

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close up of boulder near river
close up of boulder ne  
pretty orange  rocks on river
pretty orange rocks o  
QUESTION: I found it by the river. All the other large rocks look a little diffrent this one has orange and texture. I also found these rocks on the river bed

ANSWER: The boulder has lot of encrustations of secondary minerals covering its original colour and texture so its difficult to identify it as such. If possible break it with a hammer (under supervision/guidance of elders) and post the pics of inside. No doubt it seems to be a hard rock/material. Let me see if I could be of help.

For certain the orange ones looks like a variety of Quartz (Silica) known as Chalcedony-agate (the white/whitish patches-irregular layer could be agate.

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broke this with a hammer:-)
broke this with a hamm  
QUESTION: Going to the river tomorrow with mom will take a better picture. Last year I found a lamprodite bomb or tuff . Not sure how to spell that. A geologist told me to look for kimbrolite pipe? Still not real sure what that looks like. I also found this think it is pigmitite.

Kimberlite is a rock that may contain diamonds, if the geologist has said then he must be expecting Kimberlite and/or similar rocks in the area  and vicinity. pl. be in touch with him as he would be aware of the local geological set up of the area.

Local set Up  means what type of rocks and where do they occur in the area and it gives the clue as to what should be  expected as boulders, cobbles, pebbles etc. etc. which the river brings don with its flow.

Now in the recent pics, it looks like aggregate of colourless Quartz, in fact vein quartz. It means that silica rich solutions passed through a fracture in a rock and got crystallised into quartz mineral over a geological period of time.


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