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I Have 6acres of agriculture land in Gurgaon, we usually grow vegetables and wheat and rice crop throughout the year
We extract ground water from our tubewell which is 200 feet down, as our bore well is in sweet water zone
Now my question is Sir that as we are extracting water 300 days 20 hours in day in year for cultivation needs

My worry is will my ground water will get sour faster as I am extracting more or should I extract less water
As in 3 kilometers radius is only sweet water and rest of area has sour ground water
What precautions should i take to keep my ground water sweet and secure for many years to come

Sir without sweet water my land will become useless and unfertile

Please suggest me that if I should extract less water and use my borewell for many years or am I thinking wrong that extracting more sweet water will not make my borewell water sour fast .


ANSWER: Its a good realisation that has come to you. I wish more people become aware of this situation and start taking care in advance.

First and foremost requirement is that you get an assessment of your average annual water requirements vis-a-vis source see if you can withdraw less ground water to meet your  requirements and also whether you can supplement your requirements from other sources a swell.

I would also urge that you start water conservation and rain water harvesting, I am sure you would be able to reduce ground water exploitation.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much

Sir if there is enough water reserve and many other people are also pumping,

My next question is will pumping maximum water from the borewell can make  my sweet water to sour water fast

secondly if we slow our pumping of water and other people are regularly pumping more can our pump survive for long time with sweet water


It is a good question, if the concerned authorities are sleeping, what can you do except that you play your part as I had suggested earlier.

Ground water is a natural renewable water resource (underground) and it works like a savings bank account. The water is not generated but, is the infiltration/seepage - recharge  etc. from rainfall or from a proximal water body. Ground water withdrawal should be less than the annual recharge for this Ministry of Water Resources must have made some norms/guidelines, pl. check their site.


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