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front view granite head
front view granite hea  
granite carved head
granite carved head  
QUESTION: Ive had this in a closet for over 30 years. It is a full head carved out of one piece of granite. It stands appr.8 inches high and has well defined facial features. I'll try to attach a photo here. Can anyone give me some direction on where to go to get this checked out. Have tried a locl rock shop and Dennos Museum in Traverse City, neither could tell me much other than it was carved by hand, probably using another stone, not with tools.

ANSWER: Hi Georgia,
Very interesting!  It does, indeed, look like a Paleolithic carving, doesn't it?  In Geology we see many examples of pareidoelia in naturally occurring rocks, but this looks like a real carving.  

But since I can't touch it I can't be sure.  Your best beet would be to take it to the archeology department of a university near you.  Central or Western both have archeology departments, as does State and Michigan, but these are farther away.  It's been my experience that University departments are more than happy to help out people.  One thing though, take it in to them to see.  The will need more than a picture.

Good luck to you.  It would be REALLY cool if it turns out to be real.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your time Robert.

Do you have any contacts at these places that you would suggest? Also I will be at U of M again on Monday for a doctors appointment so if there is a chance I could meet with someone from U Of M on Monday morning before our appointment that would be terrific. I should tell you as well that I have had my voice box removed due to cancer and can't answer my telephone. I can however receive both texts and voicemails.

Thanks Again,
Text or voicemails please.

Hi again Georgia,
I don't have any contacts to anyone in the Archeology department of the schools I mentioned.  However, there shouldn't be any problem.  You should be able to just drop in to get your question answered, although an email to the department would probably be best so that you'd be sure someone would be there to see your specimen.

There is the International Program of art and archeology at U of M that might be what you need;

Try these people at Western MU;

Not too sure about CMU but this page might help;

or perhaps the Clark Historical Library at CMU at;

You might try this at MSU;

I'm not sure about any of these contacts but they are what I would try if I were in your shoes.

Good luck and I hope this helps.


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