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  what are the types of the basin?

Not sure of the context of the question, if this is a homework question, it may not be what your professor is looking for, in other words he might be looking for the same answer he gave out in lecture which may have a different context.  He may be looking for: ocean basin, continental basin, intermountain basin something like that.


This is probably more info than you want but here goes:

Active Sedimentary Basin: still accumulating sediment

Inactive Sedimentary Basin:  inactive but little deformed showing most of its original shape and fill

Strongly Deformed or Incomplete Sedimentary Basin:  Original fill has been strongly deformed or partially lost due to erosion.  eg a mountain belt

Other categories related to plate tectonic plate boundaries:

Rift Basin
Failed Rift (Aulacogens)
Passive Margin Basin
Oceanic Sag Basins, or Nascent Ocean Basins
Trench Basin
Forearc Basin
Island Arch Subduction Basin
Continental Collision Basin
Foreland Basin
Retroarc or Intramontane Basin
Continental Strike Slip Wrench Basins
Stable Continental Interior Sag Basin

From this pdf file, read it, it has a good explanation of the classification.


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