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My son and I found this my a stream in our local area in east ky. I've never seen anything like it. Resently discovered it was magnetic. Can you tell me what it is?

Hi Richard,
VERY interesting rock you have there.  Looks like a piece of vesicular lava, but for the fact that it's magnetic. That doesn't happen to lava.

There is a type of material called metallic slag that is a waste product from a smelting process.  It can have magnetic properties, and usually has many vesicles (holes left over after gas escaped when the piece hardened) like your specimen, but it is usually silvery.  Your specimen doesn't appear to be metallic/silvery from your pictures.

The next most likely candidate is a meteorite.  Now that would be cool!  Does it seem much heavier than it should?  We all have an innate idea of how "heavy" something should be just because we handle stuff every day.  You have a "feeling" on how heavy your rock should be; does it feel suspiciously heavier than it should?  Metallic meteorites feel much heavier than they look.  Many meteorites can be vesicular but metallic meteorites generally not so much.  They DO have regmaglypts.  These are shallow pits in the surface of the rock that look much like thumbprints.  Yours doesn't have classic structures but yours does look something like this one;

Most iron meteorites exhibit metallic crystals that look like shiny flakes on a polished surface.  You might want to grind a small area on your specimen to see if you can spot them.  Here's a site that has some good information on identifying a meteorite;

Barring other odd occurrences I am inclined to ID your rock as an iron meteorite.  For a more definitive answer you should take it to a local university.  The Geology department should be able to help you.

Hope this helps.


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