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Dear Sir,
         i have BS(GEOLOGY).i want get admission in MS(civil Eng). is it right decision ?
waqar ahmed

The right decision depends on a number of things:

1) Do you want to do civil engineering work the rest of you life?
2) Can you pass the engineering prerequisites, which will mean more mathematics.
3) Is there a market for civil engineers in where you plan to work and live after graduation?

The key is what YOU want to do, and if there are companies willing to hire you to solve problems for them once you graduate.


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Keith Patton


I can answer questions concerning physical and historical geology, environmental geology/hydrology, environmental consulting, remote sensing/aerial photo interpretation, G&G computer applications, petroleum exploration, drilling, geochemistry, geochemical and microbiological prospecting, 3D reservoir modeling, computer mapping and drilling.I am not a geophysicist.


I have 24 years experience split between the petroleum and environmental industries. I have served as an expert witness in remote sensing, developmental geologist, exploration geologist, enviromental project manager, and subject matter expert in geology and geophysical software development.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
American Association of Photogrammetrists and Remote Sensing

Bachelor and Master of Science
Registered Geologist in State of Texas

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