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Geology/Underwater tunnel system construction feasibility studies.


Dear N.K.Agarwal  

Do you consider Underwater Tunnels Construction feasibility studies  can help bridge the Indian railways connectivity within and other countries for efficient transportation ?.     

Thanks  & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

(1) Underwater Tunnel Construction and (2) Under water Tunnel Construction Feasibility Studies are two different issues so to speak.

(1) Underwater Tunnel Construction is technically feasible as per the available technological options but, economic feasibility is also required to be assessed based on purpose of the project vis--vis financial layouts. This issue holds good for any project even if its construction of a small dwelling for personal use.

(2)For this feasibility study is the first stage to find the best location and options/alternative layouts etc. Actually its a chain  of studies (pre-Feasibility-Feasibility-Detailed project Report Cycle or investigations) to find the best options and also to understand adverse conditions so that the same could be tackled during construction stage.  


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