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Geology/Underwater tunnel system construction feasibility studies.


Dear Keith  

Do you consider Underwater Tunnels Construction feasibility studies  can help bridge the Indian railways connectivity within and other countries for efficient transportation ?.     

Thanks  & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


Feasibility studies are always a good thing.  I am not sure what specifically you are asking.

If the question is can underwater tunnels help with India's need for improved transportation?

The question is probably yes.  Identification of specific goals, that are feasible in both cost and state of the art, would be the next step.  Most improvement would be in transportation within the country rather than with its neighbors.

Short cutting across the estuaries in Gujarat state, or to the Islands of West Bengal, could be a subject, but determining cost benefit would be part of the feasibility study.  No sense building a multi million dollar project if the benefit to the people and the economy would be negligible.  Improvements to the economy would need to offset the expense.

The difficulty with the geology, engineering and other hazards such as cyclones etc, would need to be weighted as they would add to the costs of the project.  


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