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Mr. Keszka Jr.
   May i send you pictures of some very odd rocks? These rocks were collected by Hendrik Gerritsen physics professor Passed away 2010, very interesting person. If you look up his O.B. history and interests he's impressive. I hope you do, he brought these effigies back for research. Just want your opinion.  John

Hi John,
Not sure of your question.  Are you curious about the rock pictures you sent, or would you like to send pics of other rocks?  If you would like to send more images, please do.  But let's talk about the images you sent in this question.

The picture with the sphere is mostly obscured by a light flare but I can see it is primarily a dark colored, smooth rock with a band of quartz running through it.  It is nicely polished.  "Sphere polishing" is a whole subset of the lapidary hobby.  This one looks like it's either a basalt or agate with a layer of quartz running through it.  

The second picture looks like a carved granite face.  When I get images like this I can usually see they are examples of pareidolia.  That's where naturally occurring structures look like things we recognize; faces mostly.  Check out GOOGLE images and you'll see.   This certainly could be that, I have seen many examples of pareidolia and it's always my first inclination to label a possible carving as that.  But I can't tell for sure on this one.  Not without knowing where it's from and a bit more about it.  

Hope this helps.

P.S. I looked up the obit on Dr. Gerritsen.  He must have been a very impressive person.


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