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metal piece
metal piece  
This piece is non-magnetic, heavy at 3.5oz and is very hard. My husband made two small cuts with a knife and applied a lot of pressure. It is shiny and has a slight yellow tinge but too hard to be that precious metal.
Any thoughts? Found it in a sandy area.

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Looks like hematite to me.

Color   Metallic gray to metallic redish, dull to bright red
Crystal habit   Tabular to thick crystals; micaceous or platy, commonly in rosettes; radiating fibrous, reniform, botryoidal or stalactitic masses, columnar; earthy, granular, oolitic
Crystal system   Trigonal
Twinning   Penetration and lamellar
Cleavage   None, may show partings on {0001} and {1011}
Fracture   Uneven to sub-conchoidal
Tenacity   Brittle
Mohs scale hardness   5.56.5
Luster   Metallic to splendent
Streak   Bright red to dark red
Diaphaneity   Opaque
Specific gravity   5.26

This particular piece appears to be botryoidal which is often referred to as kidney ore because of it shape.  Hematite is the leading ore for iron (70%) because of its high iron content. Hematite's hardness is 5-6 whereas a knife blade is 5.5 so, with effort, a knife blade will scratch this rock.


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