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dear sir,
         which one has larg scope Civil engg or geology ?

I am assuming you are asking which field has the larger scope and hence the best job opportunities.

I would have to say that geology probably has the largest number of different fields, but a lot of them are dead ends for employment.

Civil Engineering on the other hand are almost all geared to practical applications.  I would think that in a developing country there would be a lot of opportunities for employment for an engineer.

In geology, a lot of specialty areas are primarily research.  Positions are only available in universities, and for the government geological surveys.

The primary thing you must remember when in school, is follow the money.

You might really like a subject, but ask yourself, "Who is going to pay me to do this?"  In other words, are their companies or employers who will pay you to use the skill you learned?

For instance, who pays people to study climate change?  Only the governments and colleges.  That is why there is a huge conflict of interest driving what we hear about climate change.  Professors make money off of it.  They are the primary source of studies an information and they get paid by the governments to continue to study it.

Engineering on the other hand, has lots of companies as well as government agencies who employ engineers.

The largest employment areas for geologists are the petroleum industry and the enviromental industry.  The former pays the best, the latter about 40-5-% less.  You also will need a MS degree.  

Engineers only need a BS degree.  That is a big consideration unless you have lots of money.


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