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Dear sir,
  Q-1    which type of rock has following properties named it.which rock affect by Pressure and temperature .
1-high porosity and high permeability
2-low porosity and low permeability
3-high porosity and low permeability

waqar Ahmed
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Dear Waqar,

1) high porosity and high permeability

Unconsolidated sands or friable sandstone or any porous limestone with vugs, fractures etc
2-low porosity and low permeability

Tight sandstone or limestone. All evaporites and most of the igneous rocks.

3-high porosity and low permeability

Any rock with poorly connected pores, more commonly are shales, claystone or marl.

All rocks are affected by temperature and generally rock with higher initial porosity tend to affect more with pressure. Every rock has a different effect of temperature or thermal conductivity, particularly tight and dense rocks.

Sandstone has more than double thermal conductivity than  limestone (Sst 7.1  (W/(mĚK) (reads as Watts per meter Kelvin). Thermal conductivity values of each rock vary and depend upon various factors so the-the conductivity is numbers are not unique.

Dense and brittle rocks tend to break first in high-pressure conditions when reaching beyond their resistance limit. Due to faulting, thick and dense sandstone and limestone are more prone to break first than shales or claystone. Due to ductile nature of clays and shales, under pressure these rocks tend to compressed and then glide outward in any direction like a toothpaste and if pressure continue only then break.

Hope, this answer helps.  


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