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Dear sir ,
         sir i did BS-Geology.and having 1-year experience as well Site Geology .
Q:sir i want to write Research Paper or Book about Tectonic Of Pakistan
but i did not know
what is the procedure ?
what is requirement for writing the Research paper ?
what is BS-qualification Is enough For Research Paper ?
what is the Procedure to Published it ?
waqar Ahmed
Baluchistan House Islamabad


Usually people find a publisher who wants or would be willing to publish such a book.  The down side for you, is they probably would not back someone who only has a BS degree.

Usually authors on such a subject have a PhD and experience in research on the subject.  Without credentials they might not be willing to publish it due to lack of confidence in the science behind it.
In other words they might not feel you have the experience to do such a book on such a complex subject.

There is a difference between a "survey" book which is based on other peoples work, and one based on  actual new field research.   It is kind of like writing a MS thesis.  You have to do some actual research of your own and cannot just incorporate others.

HOWEVER:  from what I know, most of the work on Pakistan tectonics is very technical, and you might be able to do a survey book using other peoples work, but written more from the laymans standpoint.  That is explain the complex subject in easy to understand terms with lots of illustrations and photos.  You might have to use a lot of analogies to help the non technical reader understand the concepts.  If you do a survey book, be sure not to plagarize, rewrite any material you use from other sources, or Quote it and reference the original author else you might get sued.

Then, you can self publish it on

Technical and scientific books are not huge sellers and publishers only print a limited number and that is why text books and science texts are so damned expensive.  If you write such a book you could put it on Amazon for sale at a low cost in ebook form and skip the costs of a publisher completely.

They have a FAQ on Amazon about self publishing and explain the process.  They keep a small percantage of the profits in exchange for the service.  Check it out.


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