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puzzling rock
puzzling rock  
I have a black-and-white striped rock with gold and silver sparkles on it, and I wish to know what it is it is bothering me very much and I need to use it for fair on my rocks and minerals project. If you want me to I could probably send a picture and if I can figure it out. I don't have much time left.


The rock looks like and sounds like a mica gneiss.

The sparkles are mica either biotite or muscovite.  They are the same flat mineral that sticks to your skin at the beach.

The banding is usually caused by alignment of quartz and other minerals in foliation bands.

It is a metamorphic rock and is formed by compressive stresses on another pre-existing rock causing the original minerals to recrystallize and align perpendicular to the applied stress.  So the bands run at right angles to the direction the stress waa applied.

So in a plate tectonic sense the rock was squeezed by mountain building forces or plate forces causing the bands to form.  The bands and foliation or alignment of the minerals was in response to the squishing forces placed upon it.

The lighter bands are probably quartz and the darker bands are mafic containing more iron or magnesium.  
such as pyroxene, amphibole, or biotite.  In your case it sounds like it it rich in biotite, the sparkly stuff.


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