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QUESTION: Dear Keith

Which Marine instrument can be useful for measuring the ocean or sea height/depth?.


ANSWER: Depth can be measured by Echosounders which work on use of sound waves to measure depth to the sea floor.  Bathemetry instruments measure the same using measured pressure.  For bathemetry instruments you need to know the approximate depth range else you might destroy the instrument by exceeding its pressure maximum.

There are also combined GPS echosounders that measure both position, elevation and depth.

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QUESTION: Dear Keith


The sonic equipment will be useful in the oil and gas exploration industry as the depth of the sea will be known before?.



I am sorry, you worded the question such that I am not sure if you are asking a question or making a statement.

If you are asking if the sonic equipment will be useful in oil exploration if the bottom depth is known before hand the answer would be yes.

To make accurate bathymetric maps you need position and depth measurements.  GPS has made the first pretty easy and continous, the sonic equipment are making the latter easier.

Seismic survey are another way to get ocean bottom depth measurements and the company for which I work is producing software that is attempting to make ocean bottom surfaces more accurately measured than before from marine seismic survey data.



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