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Geology/composition of Earth's crust and the universe


I'm doing a paper on explaining how and why the composition of the Earth’s crust are differ from the composition of the universe as a whole.But i do not quite understanding the question. How could we compare and explain the composition of the Earth's CRUST and the universe ?Should I compare the earth's crust with the inner planet's crust but then if so, how should I explain the process or steps? I'm so confused. Thank you very much.


The way I read the question is a comparison of elements.

For instance one of the ways we tell whether a body is celestial is if it has a distinct makeup that differs markedly from the elemental distribution on earth.

For instance, Deuterium is known to be more common in other celestial bodies such as asteroids, than it is in the crust of the Earth.  So when two scientists found a layer of sediments highly enriched in that element, the postulated that a large asteroid hit earth.  The asteroid strike and the resulting sediment layer, happened to mark the known change between Triassic and Cretaceous periods.  That also coincided with the massive die off of the Dinosaurs.

So I would do a search for the most common celestial elements, or better yet a breakdown of the most common elements found asteroids and then compare them with a similar listing of those for the earth's crust.

You might have to try several different searches, using most common elements in the galaxy, or most common celestial elements, or most common elements in the universe.  Then do the same for the Earth.

When the astronauts brought back rocks, they found that a lot of the rocks on the moon contained the same minerals and basic makeup that the Earth did.  But by our studies of celestial bodies falling to earth we have found that they are different.

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