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what and which is Mechanical layer of earth Crust? why we called it mechanical layer ?


The Earth has been categorized as having various layers, both mechanical and chemical.  These are not exclusionary and are overlapping.

They are formulated on the basis of the prevailing processes in the layers.

The mechanical layers are those in which mechanical forces predominate.

For instance, the Lithosphere the most outer and rigid layer of the crust is subjected to faulting, rifting and subducting which tear, split compress, bend and crush the rocks forming the layer.  Those are pretty mechanical in nature.

The Asthenosphere flows and bends which are mechanical responses as well.

The lower mantle also flows, as does the outer core.

Chemical layers are dependent on the chemical make up of the materials.  The iron core would be one, the Mantle and Crust would be the other two.  These are differentiated by the chemical and elemental makeup of the minerals predominate in the rocks found therein.


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