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i am a geology 1st year student in Nepal...can we come in US for further study and job also....????
which prossesses should be done...???


I am nearly 30 years removed from academia, so - while I am sure there are places for you to study, I do not know what process to recommend to you regarding that.  You will need to find a university that has the focus you are interested in and apply........

With regards to travel and work here in the USA, you will need to consult with the appropriate government authorities regarding visas, etc.

Good luck.


Fraser Hamilton


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Fraser Hamilton


I have over 15 years of professional experience in the environmental geology field. I am well versed in general geology types of questions and answers. In addition I have a keen understanding of physical stratigraphy (especially in the Valley and Ridge of Central PA) and cycles.


Eight years of education, fifteen years of professional experience. Have worked or studied in ME, PA, TX, KY, IN, TN, OH, WA and Scotland.

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