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Respected Sir, May you kindly suggest me some research topic related to enginnering Geology for MPhil thesis.

Earth Sciences and Rock Engineering Applications in Engineering Projects
Department of Civil Engineering
National Institute of Technology-Karnataka-Surathkal-Srinivasnagar-575025-Mangalore D.K,India

Earth science is one of the frontline sciences. It has got greater role to play in various engineering applications and in turn in the national development. All civil engineering projects have to take into consideration one or the other geological aspects during planning. Practicing engineers face several geological challenges in the field almost every day. Engineering geology is a multidisciplinary subject having interrelations with other disciplines. Site selection, design and construction of onshore and off shore structures and all kinds of civil engineering constructions are influenced by the geological factors specific to the site. The sub-surface foundational conditions in engineering projects always require judicious and deserving interpretation of geological features. The civil engineer’s responsibility is to define what kind of information he needs concerning the materials and surface and sub-surface conditions .It is an engineering geologist’s responsibility to obtain and interpret that information .The burden of geologic interpretation rests with the geologists, the burden of engineering interpretation and application rests with the engineer.(Venkat Reddy,2011)
The geologists must assimilate the data and present conclusions and recommendations to the engineer in concise, practical form (Rogers Rhoades, 1946). Natural Disaster has received substantial attention from the scientific community in recent past. It has also provoked policy makers to think about it. Natural disasters have conquered much of scientific and political debate on global level due to it overall impact. India has been traditionally vulnerable to natural disasters on account of its unique geo-climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been recurrent phenomena.(Ramasamy and Venkat Reddy,2009)

About 60% of the landmass is prone to earthquakes of various intensities; over 40 million hectares is prone to floods; about 8% of the total area is prone to cyclones and 68% of the area is susceptible to drought. India has the highest mountain chain on earth, the Himalayas, which are formed due to collision of Indian and Eurasian plate, the northward movement of the Indian plate towards China causes continuous stress on the rocks rendering them friable, weak and prone to landslides and earthquakes, Fast moving flows of mud and rock, called debris flows or mudslides are among the most numerous and dangerous types of landslides in the world. Civil engineer plays major role in disaster mitigating measures. National Disaster management Authority playing vital role involving earth scientist, civil engineers and varied engineering expertise to  develop techniques and precautionary measures  to adopt before, during and after disasters.

Since structures are also built underground geologists should work in close association with geophysicists, in identifying favorable sub surface zones and in avoiding problems of different nature. The engineering community needs to take in to consideration the additional data generated by earth scientists to make their construction works cost effective. Fortunately, present day engineering and earth science specialists have started using innovative techniques developed by both the engineering and earth science specialists(Reddy,PR and Reddy,D.V,2013)

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Engineering Geology, civil engineer,geological features, engineering applications

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