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I want to know how i would find out what kind of minerals/rocks that are located in the region/county i live in. If there is any info you can give me that would be helpful, please respond. I live in Lake Isabella, CA (Kern county).

I don't know specifically what you are looking for but below is a site with several publications about Kern County geology.

In general, as a geologists, the sites on the internet are not specific enough to actually answer most questions but they can give you general information.  For more specific information try the below site:

There are also a lot of colleges that have extensive geologic libraries.  If you still don't find what you are looking for you might try a college.  


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Joe Norris


I am an economic geologist. An economic geologist does mineral evaluations and appraisals of mineral or mining properties. I can tell you if your deposit has value - remember that a mineral deposit, no matter how good, only has value when mined. Any value assigned to a mineral deposit, in the ground, is only the speculative value that deposit.


I have been a economic geologist for most of my 35 year career. Although I have done work in perhaps 45 states and numerious countries much of my work has been in Appalachian coal, intermountain west gold and silver, and Arizona uranium.

Past President of the Virginia Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists and a certified geologist in twelve states.

BS Degree from Eastern Kentucky University. Work on MS Degree @ Eastern Kentucky University, Colorad School of Mines & Marshall University Numerious short courses on the value of mineral deposits and how to value same. Also several short courses dealing with the different types of geologic processes; sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic along with the mineral associated with each.

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