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What is this ?
What is this ?  

Good Day.

I am from Egypt, I recently Visited Fayoum area. This area is famous for being a sea before million years ago.

while exploring its beauty, i found a patterned like sandy rocks or so i think, but its texture is weird. unfortunately i didn't take a picture of the pattern on the sandy ground. however, i took one of them (pictures attached) and would like to know exactly what is it and what is its structure if possible? very curious :)

p.s: it breaks very easily.

Thank you for your time.


I believe what you have is some sort of remnant of an evaporite deposit.  As the sun baked a shallow area where water laden with minerals was lurking not far beneath the surface, the sun would draw that water the surface.  As the water evaporated it would leave behind mineral deposits.  I think this is what you have.

Hope this helps.


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