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Pink and black rocks1
Pink and black rocks1  

Pink and black rocks2
Pink and black rocks2  
Hi. Thanks for your time. Could you help me identify these pink and black rocks? They have a white streak, and they're fairly magnetic. I found them in my yard in south Mississippi.

Hi Tammy,
It looks like you have some samples of a metamorphic rock called a "gneiss". That's a rock that has undergone a lot of temperature and pressure; enough to change it physically and mineralogically.

Here's a site that shows a lot of different gneiss, both hand specimens and in the outcrop;

Here's another one;

You mention you found them "fairly" magnetic.  A high concentration of iron can be magnetic.  Also, the mineral "magnetite" exhibits magnetism, and it can be present in metamorphic rocks.  I have not heard of magnetite being found in Mississippi but that doesn't mean it can't be.

I believe you have iron rich gneiss, but your best bet would be to take them to the geology department of a local university.  It's much easier to ID a rock when you can hold it, and it's been my experience that Geology Departments are happy to help the public.

Hope this helps.


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