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Sir, I am from Pakistan and I want your guidance for research project for my MS (Geology) which will help me in pursuing career in oil and gas sector. I was thinking of project on shale gas but i dont know on what area I should research for shale gas because there is not much literature on shale gas in Pakistan


Thanks for asking an interesting question! Although, not a lot has been published in Pakistan regarding shale gas yet i assure you that the oil and gas exploration companies have done quite a lot of work on it. I think you shouldn't worry about non availability of literature present on shale gas productivity of Pakistan, rather you should choose any shallow potential source rock and start doing the geochemical analysis and subsequently 1D Basin modelling at least. You will get a plethora of research articles on it, if you google it.

You can also conduct research on the petrophysical aspect of shale gas but for that you will need to have core data or core analysis at least. I am not sure if any company will release you core data at this instant but you may get cuttings data and you can conduct geochecmical analysis and XRD analysis. It may help you to make a probabilistic model based on XRD minerals constituents and VR data and conventional wireline logs.

There is still a lot to be done in unraveling the true potential of unconventional reservoirs in Pakistan. I encourage you to initiate such project and during the project you can come and visit me for any guidance.



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