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I am trying to find the area of a triangle.

Base= 6 - 2y

I know it should be 1/2 bh (base x height/2)
But I need to know as soon as possible what the correct answer is

Yes, Alyaa, you are correct.  The area of a triangle is (1/2)b x h.  So, multiply (1/2)(6 - 2y)(13). Notice, 6 - 2y has an even constant and an even coefficient so you can easily take (1/2) of it, by dividing each by two, to get 3 - y.  Now just multiply this by the height, 13 (remember the distributive property and multiply both terms by 13) to get 39 - 13y.  This is the area of the triangle.

39 - 13y

I'm glad to be of assistance.



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