how do you do algebraic expressions

Algebraic equations are in three different forms.
Some are lines,  some are parabolas, and some involve two variables.

The lines are of the form y = mx + b.  In these, m is the slope
and b is the value at which the line crosses the y axis (where x=0).

The second type is parabolas.  They are of the form y = ax+bx+c.
The solution to parabolas is y = (-b sqrt(b-4ac))/(2a).
The sum of these two roots is y = -b/a.
If the value in the square-root is negative, there is no solution in the real numbers.
If the value in the square-root is 0, there is only 1 solution.
If the value in the square-root is positive, there are two solutions.  


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