Hello, I am helping my little sister with her homework. I am a little stumped with the problem below.

"zombies have invaded our chess game. Because they are not bright, mrs. greene is running circles around the horde. if she is 49 feet away from the horde, how much distance will she cover in one revolution?"

I believe the question is trying to ask what the circumference is. C= πr^2= π(49)^2=7542.96. But I am not sure if that's true. Hope you can help.


The formula given is for the area.  Even that was done incorrectly,
for 49 is 7^2 and doesn't need to be squared again.

The correct answer would be the circumference of a circle C = 2πr.
That is 2*π*7 = 14*π = 43.98..., which rounds to almost 44 times.


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