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Mr. Wilson,

Hi, I really hope you can help. It's pretty embarrassing, but my little sister asked for my help on her geometry homework. Unfortunately, I was never good in math. We found the answers online, but it is driving me crazy that I couldn't solve them. I have uploaded and attached the geometry problems.

The outside of a circle is 2*pi*r.
The total degrees in a circle are 360.
This would make the total distance be [(360-80)/360]2*pi*6 + [(360-100)/360]2*pi*4.
That reduces to (28/36)*12*pi + (26/36)*8*pi.
That reduces more to (28/3 + 52/9)pi.
For pi, use pi = 3.1416 or maybe just 3.14.
It turns out to be around 47.5 feet (roughly).


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