What is the measure in degrees of each interior angle in a regular 10 sided polygon?

I have seen characters misinterpreted  by other PC's,
but hopefully comes across as a degree symbol.

For an n-sided polygon with uniform angles and sides, the measure of each angle is 180(n-2).

Thus, the angles of a triangle add up too (3-2)180 = 180, so they are 180/3 = 60 each;
the angles of a square add up to (4-2)180 = 360, so they are 360/4 = 90 each; and
the angles of a pentagon add up to (5-2)180 = 540, so they are 540/5 = 108 each.

Since this is the known angles in a triangle, square, and pentagon,
it can be seen it can be extended to a 10 sided polygon.

The sum of the measure of all of the angles would be (10-2)180 = 8*180 = 1,440.
Since there are 10 equal angles, each of them has measure 1,440/10 = 144.


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