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Geometry/Factorial computations


QUESTION: Dear Prof Azeem

Can we use Factorials for various computations viz Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication,Division and indices ?.

Addition = 3! + 2!

Subtraction = 3! - 2!

Multiplication = 3! * 2!

Division = 3! / 2!

Exponential / Indices = 3! raised to a power of 2!

Other than the above computations, can we use Factorials in Matrices, Determinants, logarithms, Antilogarithms, Coordinate Geometry etc.

Matrices = 2*2 matrix = 3!,2!,5!,6!
Determinants = 3!,2!,5!,6!
Logarithms = log(10!), log(20!) etc
Antilogarithms = Antilog(1!) etc
Coordinate geometry = plot this points in the Graph paper viz
A(3!,2!), B(4!,-5!),C(-7!,-8!),D(6!,-3!)
Trigonometry = Sin(5!), Cos(4!), Tan(2!), Sec(3!), Cosec(6!), Cot(7!)


Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Hi Prashant,

To all the above, yes.  Factorials are integers, therefore they can be used wherever integers are used.

Thanks for asking,

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QUESTION: Dear Prof Azeem


Square root of 4!, Cube root of 7! etc

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

...That is not a question, but I can explain a bit.
All factorials are integers, so any operation that can be done with integers can be done with factorials.

For example, 4!=(4)(3)(2)(1)=24.
Therefore the square root of 4! is equal to the square root of 24.

Factorials are compact ways of expressing certain integers.  In all the contexts you have mentioned, it is a matter of notation, nothing further.



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