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Hello sir

Sir for me it is becoming very difficult to understand all the properties and another way if the properties are not understaood or learned , in exam some hots types of questions will come and they are based on these properties linear pair, asp, interior exterior angles corresponding angles interior corresponding angles, exterior coressponding angles, Exterior alternative angles , interior alternative angles, vertically opposite angles . These all are confusing . Sir plaese tel me what i do and how can you help me.  Sir if these all willunderstood then it will become easy to solve mensuration chapter of all quadrilateral and construction of quadrilaterals and hots in exams.Sir please tell what i do and in what way can you help me


Hi Apsara,

Give me a full list of the properties you are having trouble with.  If you have a particular difficulty or confusion, I can try to help clear it up.  Otherwise, I can provide definitions and examples or the properties in question.



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