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Geometry/Direct and Inverse Variation - Unitary Method


Hello sir

Sir as my exams are near, please if possible try to answer in 24 hrs. please if possible

Sir my question is related to direct nad inverse variation. Sir this is my basic doubt please reply this also clearly

Sir i wnat to ask that in direct and inverse variation concept unitary method is used.In unitary method we will cross multiply numerator of one fraction to denominator of another fraction. But sir this unitary method of cross multiply is used in direct variation, it is not used in inverse variation. Why sir it is not used in inverse variation, in inverse variation there are two fractions , then we should cross multiply. Here also one value of numenator or denominator is missing and in direct variation also one value of direct and inverse variation is missing then why we should not cross multiply in inverse variation.

Hi Aishwarya,

I do not understand what you are asking.  Would you be able to provide an example with numbers?

Note that any number (or term or expression) can always be put over 1, so there can always be a denominator.

Please clarify the question, and provide an example of the unitary method with cross multiplication, and I will respond as best I can.



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