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Geometry/Factorization of Numbers and Variables


Hello sir

Prime factorization and division are same sir.

Sir can you explain what is factorisation with respect to numbers and variables and what is difference betwween the factorization of numbers and variables.

Hi Apsara,

"Prime factorization and division are same sir."
I don't understand what you mean by this.

Factoring is the principle of breaking down numbers or variables (or an expression in general) into the parts that will give the original when multiplied.

With numbers, this if often factoring into primes.

For example, 30=(2)(3)(5)

With variables, you would often do this when you have an expression.


x is common to both 2x and xy, so we can "pull it out" and represent the same expression as (x)(2+y).  Multiply it out and you will see that they are equal.

Of course, we can also combine the two:


Hope this helps.  If I have not answered your question, please provide some examples of the kinds of expressions you need to factor.



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