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Geometry/Real Numbers and Inclusion


Hello sir

Sir if all natural, whole, integers, rational,irrational no's are called real no's then we can use the word directly as real no's why we should use different.

Hi Aishwarya,

Naturals, integers, rationals, and irrationals are all subsets of real numbers.  This means there exists a real number that is not a natural number, a real number that is not an integer, and so on.

Let me try to explain this concept of inclusion in a different way.  We have peppers, fruits, vegetables, and food.  Would it be good to only use the word "food"?  Although you could, it helps to have the different categories because that helps you refer to different sets with similar properties.  Some foods have seeds, but without naming the category "fruit", we cannot quickly refer to all these specific foods.
In this example, real numbers are like food, and the other sets of numbers are the more specific types of foods.

Hope this helps,


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