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Hello sir

Sir can u briefly explain natural, whole, integers, rational, irrational and real numbers in numbersytem and can u provide some questions on basisof all the natural whole, integers, rational, irrational, real numbers.


Hi Apsara,

Natural numbers: The numbers we use for counting (1,2,3,4,...)
Whole numbers: Integers (if you have learned a specific definition of "whole number", that is different, let me know)
Integers: The natural numbers, zero, and the negatives of the natural numbers
Rational numbers: Numbers that can be expressed as an integer divided by another integer
Irrational numbers: Numbers that cannot be expressed as an integer divided by another integer (e.g. numbers with infinite decimal places with no repeating pattern)
Real numbers: The union of rational and irrational numbers (all numbers that can be expressed in a decimal form)

Once you know and understand these definitions, you should be able to answer the questions in your textbook.

Thanks for asking,


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