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GM Sir

Sir i agree with your previous mail.Sir but iam not understanding what is numeral exactly.Sir this concept is so confusing .

My second question numerals are called symbols to represent the numbers and 0 to 9 are arithmetic symbols , but sir 0 to 9 are itself a number then how they can represent any number.

Numerals are the part of real numbers if yes how? Beacuse numerals are not natural , whole , integer, rational ,irrational numbers or real numbers and complex numbers.


Hi Apsara,

Think of numerals as the symbols you literally write on the paper.  The squiggly thing?  That means five.  The oval?  That means zero.  Put one after the other: that means fifty.

Numerals are NOT part of the number system.  Numerals are not numbers.  They are only symbols used to represent number.

Hope this helps,


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