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Hello sir

Sir one graph is there to plot sir below is data----:

1st graph----)

No . of SC/PHC/CHC        Year

725          1951
57,363          1981
1,63,181          2001
1,75,277          2010
1, 81,319          2013

Sir in this no. of sc/phc/chc we should plot in y axis as we have to this plotting bar graph and years in x axis.

The problem here is number in 1951 is in 100 place and number in 57,363 is in 10 housands place and next so on is above 1 lakh

I am not understanding what to take 1 unit =?


Hi Aishwarya,

I must be misunderstanding something.  What is "1,63,181"?  Is that supposed to be 163,181, or 1,063,181, or something else?

When you have to plot numbers that lie in a large range, you usually won't be able to do it with 100% accuracy.  The 725 is going to be very very close to your x-axis when compared to the 57,363.  Don't worry about it.  Try to select a unit that allows you to plot as much of the data as you can comfortably.  Or, if some data is somehow more important (e.g. the more recent years), then pick a unit that allows you to plot those nicely.

Thanks for asking,


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