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QUESTION: Good Morning sir

Why whole number is consider as different which includes 0, because while counting anything or using numbers in maths, we not use 12345---etc from naturals or whole number,we just 1234 ect and and 1 , 2,3,4 etc are both in natural and whole number, then why natural and whole are diffrent.


ANSWER: Hi Shilpa,

The natural numbers are the numbers we use for counting.  Whole numbers include negative numbers.  We do not count with negative numbers.  Therefore the whole numbers are not considered counting numbers.


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QUESTION: Good Morning Sir

Sir i am extremely sorry , but i not got u point. Sir I have not asked u about why natural are called counting numbers and why not whole.I have asked in natural also 12345 ect number sare there and in whole also 12345 ect numbers are there.Then to there is a sepration of numbers which include zero are called  whole  and which donot include zero are called natural numbers.Why using numbers in our daily life we are not using numbers from whole or from natural , then why there is a seperation of whole and natural.

I am extremely sorry, if this question is irritating to u.

Hi Shilpa,

The classifications of whole numbers and natural numbers were not made to be "numbers we use in day-to-day life."  There are applications in mathematics where we need to refer to such collections of numbers.  The more math you learn, the more you will see these come up.

Hope this helps,


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