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Geometry/Two candidates having the same number of votes


Dear Prof Azeem

Is this question valid?

In a election out of n number of candidates, find out the probability
of two candidates having the same number of votes?

Is this information adequate or more information required in probability question?


Hi Prashant,

There is insufficient information to solve this question.  One unknown is the number of votes.  (If there is only one vote, the probability of that event is zero!)  More importantly, we are missing the expected value of a vote going to a particular candidate.

Suppose we have candidates A and B, and a voter must select one of the two.  The voter will not flip a coin to cast their vote (or they shouldn't, at least).  There is information that voter has in order to make his or her choice.  If we had demographic information on the whole population of voters, perhaps we could elucidate something.

But as the question is posed, assuming votes are not uniformly randomized over the n candidates, no, the question is not valid.

Thanks for asking,


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