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Hello sir

Sir i am shilpa
Ima studying in 3rd standard

Now on 1st august our rivision will start.Our teacher thought natural nd whole number lesson. Lesson is overed, but i have some confusions, and our teacher is on leave.

My confusion is all countable numbers are called natural numbers, and natural numbers including zero are called whole numbers, here nutural numbers are ok but why numbers including 0 are termed as whole numbers
because already natural numbers are there , then why if any number extra is there means they are given as new name.


Hi Shilpa,

Simply put: so we can distinguish the two sets.

Sometimes we need to refer to the numbers, 1, 2, 3, ... so we have the term "naturals"
Sometimes we need to refer to the numbers, 0, 1, 2, ... so we have the term "whole numbers*"

As both of these are convenient sets (they occur in many applications), it is helpful to have names for them.  The alternative would be calling them "naturals and zero".

*This is the first time I have seen this set referred to as "whole numbers", that does not seem like a standard term.

Thanks for asking,


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