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Hello sir

Sir can u explain me about uses of vartisiean coordinate system

Sir it is used for location points, I agree sir and we can create a map alsi or to locate the position of an object in plane, but sir there negative numbers are there , what does they indicate

Sir as I know to create a map of to locate the position of an object in any plane we should consider this much is equal to this much but while represeting in coordinate system we will not do.
How it is use fulbin algebra and grid sheet is used or graph sheet is used

Hi Aishwarya,

A Cartesian plane has an x-axis and a y-axis.  The intersection of those axes is called the origin.  Whereas a road map may have absolute references, everything on a Cartesian plane is relative to the origin.  A negative x-value means left of the origin, and a negative y-value means below the origin.

One important thing is that the Cartesian plane is a mathematical construct.  It is used as a frame of reference.  Although we can draw shapes and curves on a blank sheet, when we draw them on a Cartesian plane it is easier to work with.  Every single point can be specified by its x- and y-coordinates.

If using graph paper, you would likely make each square a unit on the axes.



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