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Hello sir

Many questions are arising from chapter coordinate geometry because it is the new concept for me

Sir in our text book(9th standard ncert maths texrboot , for reference it is given that catisiean system is used to describe a point in a plane uniquely, but for describing why we should construct + like structute we can describe BT many ways

Sir then is coordinate geometry is an analytical geometry , is it similar to statistics , a system of graphs or branch of maths studying graphs

Sir exactly what is coordinate geometry means it is like a graph , it is used for locating points, or exactly what is the meaning and what does this locating point means,

These are confusions
Sorry to irritate and disturb.

Hi Aishwarya,

Coordinate geometry is the study of shapes using a reference system.  Or, if you prefer, doing geometry using coordinates.

The Cartesian coordinate system allows you to specify points in a plane uniquely.  Once you know how to do this, you can extend this concept to solve more complicated problems: calculate the distance between two points, find the shortest distance between a point and a line, find the midpoint of a line segment, etc.

Coordinate geometry (also referred to as "analytical geometry") is not similar to statistics.  I do not understand what you mean by that.

In terms of usefulness, you can think of coordinate geometry in a similar way to algebra.  On its own, it means nothing.  Being able to solve for x does not mean anything until we use the equation to represent a particular situation.  But before you go on to solve "word problems", you must first learn the basic principles and the rules of the game.
The Cartesian coordinate system is similar.  After learning the basics, you will learn techniques that will allow you to solve real problems, and thus the value will become apparent.

Hope this helps,


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