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QUESTION: Hello sir

Sir what is the difference between terms and expression

ANSWER: Hi Aishwarya,

In algebra, a term is a group of things that are all multiplied.
An expression is a collection of terms, separated by plus signs.

For instance, in the expression 2x + 3xy - 1,
there are 3 terms: 2x, 3xy, and -1.

Note for semantics: it is possible for an expression to contain a single term.

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QUESTION: Sir then monomial expression is term or expression

ANSWER: A monomial expression is an expression that consists of a single term.

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QUESTION: Hello sir

Sir how monomial expression can be expression sir. It should be term when we go according to definition of term and expression

Expression is a word referring to "one or more terms".
A monomial is the case of one term.

It's like words and sentences.  Some sentences can consist of only one word (e.g "hello"), but you never have to ask if "hello" is a word or a sentence.  The context makes it clear, and you know that "hello" can be part of a longer sentence if need be.

Are you being quizzed on these definitions?  You seem to be very concerned about the semantics.



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