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Gerbils & Hamsters/my dwarf hamster had 8 babies!


She had them around 3 or 4 days ago. At first I counted 7 babies and her stomach and her move weird as if she were going to throw up or something and makes weird squeaky noises. Like 20 minutes ago I counted the babies again and now there is 8! And is still doing the same movement and weird noises! :/ what's wrong with her?://

Hi Yvette

Thanks for your question - apologies for the day in responding.

This sounds really strange.  i have heard of hamsters postponing litters before now or reabsorbing them, but I have never heard of babies being born days apart.  Is there any chance that you just miscounted?  It is very difficult to see how many in a litter when they are new born - often they are tucked so deep in the nest that it is difficult to know for sure how many there are.

The sounds and behaviour that you describe certainly appear to be the type that you witness during the birthing process.  have any more babies appeared since then?  How is mum behaving?  is she OK.

Assuming she is Ok it is worth making sure she has plenty of food to get her strength back.  I tend to give my nursing mums baby food along with their usual hamster mix. This is full of added nutrients - I usually buy the powdered porridge oat variety, and mix a little with water.  When the babies are old enough - i.e. around 2 weeks of age and leaving the nest they will eat this too if it is in a low enough dish.

I hope everything is OK.


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