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A few months ago we noticed that my son's pet hamster, Stewart, was not opening his right eye during the day but at night it was fine.  A while after that a single upright triangle like growth appeared at the top/back of his left ear.  The growth has grown rapidly and was soon no longer a single triangle but various minute tubes attached to a single spot - like a big wart that has burst - and it started drooping.  Then the ends of the tubes started going black and must have broken off because the growth then looked smaller and I was hopeful that it was going to go away.  I was wrong.  Next thing, overnight, the growth sprouted an aerial like projection - about 5cm long and 1 mm in diameter - straight as an arrow.  What is going on?  It does not look like it's troubling him other than that he is not quite as active as he used to be.  There is no hair loss and we have had him for about a year and a half.  I don't know how old he was when we got him but he was fully grown as he hasn't grown any since.

Hi Sandy

Thanks for your question.

Is there any chance you can send a photo - this sounds really strange.

Initially when you talked of a growth I thought it could be something like polyomavirus which produces wart-like growths usually around the head area.  These can grow rapidly and get quite large and do need surgically removing.  However, I have never heard of this type of growth.  If you can get a photo to me I would be interested to see this.

The fact that he is behaving normally is great news, but it would be good to know what this 'thing' is.


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