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Hi Shelia,

My hamster has developed a strange pin-head sized white bump on the bottom of his ear's edge. He's been acting normal, but he did suffer from mites around six months ago. We finally got rid of them around September, this year. We got my hamster in November 2011, so he's about a year old. He does have a neighbor hamster who's kept in the same room, but they don't share cages.

Should I be worried about that bump, and what is it?

Hi Ben

thanks for your question.

What type of hamster is this?  is he Syrian?

I don't think I'd be worried about him if he is behaving normally.  It is hard to know what this bump is.  it could be a straightforward spot in which case it will go on its own.

If there is any sign of scratching, and assuming he is Syrian, then it might be worth giving him a course of anti parasite treatment. I usually use Beaphr small animal anti parasite treatment (make sure it is safe for treatment if you go for another make, and it is vital it contains the drug Ivermectin).

If any other spots appear, then this should indicate what is wrong. There is a quite serious disease that hamsters get called polyomavirus. This is very contagious and spreads quickly from one hamster to the other. If a breeding farm gets this they usually destroy all hamsters as it can be passed on.  However, if it is a single hamster, then it isn't quite so serious.  I've had one with this - the only problem is that it weakens their immune system and they often need surgery to remove the lumps - they appear quite quickly and usually around the head area - they tend to develop into wart-like growths and can grow quite large.  At this point i wouldn't worry at all, but I would suggest making sure that the other hamster's cage isn't touching, and when you have been handling this one, wash your hands before handling the other.

If this is a more serious situation, then there should be other signs - not only physical, but also in his behaviour. All the while he is acting normally - eating/drinking/playing as usual, then I would not worry.  if however more of these 'lumps' turn up, then it would be worth getting it checked out.

I hope this helps you.


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